Olive is like a mother, unselfishly giving even when neglected for years.folk saying

The medicinal benefits of olives and olive oil in particular are known since ancient times and since then olive oil represents a natural way of health care. Olive oil is obtained through milling, crushing and pressing ripe olive fruits. Top quality oils are obtained by cold pressing. In this way, all the properties of the plant are retained without additives, and we can enjoy all the best that nature can offer. Medicinal benefits of olive oil are mainly a product of its composition, in which most of the oil (over 95%) consists of fatty acids, the most common is the monounsaturated oleic acid (65-85%). Such composition, besides making it medicinal, makes it the most stable oil and therefore ideal for cooking.

Our body loves it when we take care of it naturally, because natural ingredients have the best influence on our appearance. Olive oil has been used since ancient times in order to achieve shiny hair and soft and beautiful skin.

  • Due to its special composition, olive oil revives the sculp and prevents from dandruff.
  • It also stimulates the circulation of the sculp, having beneficial effects on hair growth and reducing its decay.
  • Helps by dry, but also greasy hair. Although it seems strange, because the oil itself is fatty, it has beneficial effects on the sculp, soothes it and helps regulate fat.
  • It gives a special glow to your hair. Completely natural virgin or extra virgin oils are recommended.
  • Natural hair mask: mix one egg, a tablespoon olive oil, half a tablespoon lemon juice or nettle tea. Apply to hair, wrap with a plastic wrap and leave it on for 30 minutes, so that the vitamins and nutrients get to the sculp. Rinse the mask. Immediately after washing you will notice positive effects and shinier hair.
  • In times when there are so many varieties of anti-aging creams and skin-care treatments, we forget about the natural products that are the best for our skin.
  • Although the therapeutic properties of olive oil and its effects on the health of the skin being known since ancient times, it’s recently been confirmed also by science. Japanese scientists have found out that the application of olive oil after sunbathing drastically reduces the risk of developing tumor. This is due to the rich composition of antioxidans, that mitigate the effect that UV rays have on our cells.
  • Although it doesn’t help us instantly, because it doesn’t cool the skin as products for skin care after sunbathing, long-term it nourishes the skin without alcohol, minimizing the harmful effects of strong sunlight.
  • Olive oil doesn’t actually protect from the sun during sunbathing, but if applied to the skin when the sun is not very strong, it can be very helpful in getting beautiful skin tones.
  • However, we should bear in mind that various processed olive oils have almost no effect. Therefore, it’s important to use natural oils.
    Face mask:
  • mix together olive oil, honey and egg yolk. Apply to face and let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Nutritious, natural substances make your skin softer and healthier. The face is the part of the body that is most exposed to pollution, so every time you feel that your skin becomes dry and damaged, this simple recipe will quickly regain her beauty and health.
    Care about appearance and health of our times is full of products that are far away from healthy and natural. Olive oil is one of the natural ingredients used since ancient times and which still remains the main item of personal and body care.

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