The monovarietal extra virgin Leccino olive oil has a metallic green color, an intense fruity smell, and you can also feel the gentle notes of bitterness and pungency. The fruit picked in the early harvest will give excellent quality to the oil, and the flavors of olives and aromatic herbs will dominate.

Leccino oil is invetable in the preparation of meat and vegetables dishes, crabs and desserts such as ice cream toppings, and it’s perfect combined with cottage cheese and other fresh cheeses.



The monovarietal extra virgin Pendolino olive oil has a light green color and an intense almond, freshly cut grass and artichokes smell. This variety stands in the cultivation of olive trees mainly as a pollinator, and for this reason its outstanding properties of oil are unjustly neglected.

Pendolino oil is very balanced, has a more pronounced bitterness and pungency, and therefore enhances the taste of wild game meat, steak and rumpsteak, and perfectly complements the cream soups.


Bianchera (Istrian bjelica)

. The monovarietal extra virgin Bianchera oil has a golden green color and freshly cut grass, almonds and chikory smell. The flavor reminds the healthy green olive fruit.

This old traditional istrian variety is known for its intense bitterness and moderate spiciness. As such, together with desserts, mousse, ice cream and chocolate, it gives the unforgettable experience of a bitter sweet combination.


Carbonazza (Crnica)

The monovarietal extra virgin Carbonazza olive oil has a green-yellow color, fruity smell and olive, apple and almond taste. It’s an old istrian variety, known for its moderate bitterness and pungency. As such, it’s an inevitable choice in preparing the blue fish, tuna, salmon, octopus and other seafood.


Traulin Riserva

Traulin Riserva is a coupage made of monovarietal extra virgin oils. As such, it creates a harmony of flavors in the taster palate. The proportions are our secret, but the intense fruity Leccino smell and intense Bianchera bitterness are dominating. It’s an outstanding flavor enhancer to dishes under the baking lid, spring scrambled eggs with asparagus and ham, white fish and various seafood salads.