“We love everything young people like, but most of all our olive groves.”

“Looking for ourselves we returned to our roots, on the bare ground that craves for a human touch to turn it to the strong and fertile land we admire back again.”

“The foundation of everything in life is agriculture, thus our foundation became olive growing.”

“Young, craving, powerful.”

“As a couple we are like pot and lid, complementing each other both in private life and on business.”

“There is nothing more beautiful than twittering birds, buzzing bees and olive trees in bloom.”

“Growing up in the countryside, we weren’t aware of the blessings of nature we had in our environment and on our table.”

“And that’s why we are here for you, to bring you joy, flavors and love.”


Our family farm was established in 2006. It extends over more than 7 hectares, where we cherish and cultivate 2000 olive trees. In addition to the olive groves, we cherish wild Mediterranean herbs and also plant test crops of herbs, destined to the production of essential oils. We have a modern storehouse in which we control temperature and humidity. We keep our oil in stainless steel barrels under nitrogen in order to maintain its excellence and quality. As part of our family farm, there is also a tavern where you can taste our products.


Through our work and effort, we create quality products, recognized by the profession who’s awarding us with numerous honors, plaques and medals. The quality of the great extra virgin olive oils is a subtle connection between the organoleptic properties (taste and odor), nutritional quality and health benefits. Simply put, only high-quality extra virgin olive oils are good for health. Ours, that are excellent, can be considered the essence of it. Extra virgin oils are obtained entirely by mechanical pressing, by cold procedure.
We can prove it by means of chemical analysis and by what the media writes about us, but only when you taste it we’ll gain your complete trust. We produce the essence of health.

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